At Westside Drama we are proud to offer live broadcasting training and video production trainings that result in livestream productions. Our first livestream production was in 2020 The Twilight Zone Radio Drama's.

Our program strives to produce high-quality, technically complex, artistically relevant shows, never forgetting the goals of educational theater: to give students opportunities to build self-confidence, develop their teamwork skills, learn responsibility and accountability, and, ultimately, explore the human condition - all while working towards a common goal with their classmates. On stage or backstage, important skills are learned every time you work on a show.

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Love Of A Pig
Live stream
Love Of A Pig Jenny is a young violinist pleased with her life except for when it comes to men. Having spent 3,345 nights alone of a possible 3,356 since puberty, she approaches scientifically the question "Why not me?" The play chronicles her pursuit of a brooding bass player she mistakenly assumes is Mr. Right.

"Caveny traverses the rocky wasteland of one sided love in a way that is at once comical, sad, terrifying, mortifying and exhilarating."

~Directed by Esme Jablonsky

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